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Gaza Children's Fund partner under attack

One of our long-time Children's Fund partners in Gaza has been targeted by the Israeli military.

The librarian at the Beit Hanoun branch of the International Board on Books - Palestine (PBBY), Abla Hassan, just notified us of the devastation:

"The center that hosts the library has been targeted and very badly damaged. The children's courtyard has been destroyed as well as books, computers, windows and walls. Of the children who use the library, three of their homes have been completely destroyed and thirty partially destroyed. The number of children or their family members killed is not known yet.

"No known news about the library in Rafah. All families associated with the library have been displaced, including the librarian, Mahmoud, who left two days ago and described the situation as 'horrific, tens of civilians killed and tens of houses destroyed. I do not know about the situation of the children using the library and the library building.'"

In a statement, IBBY's executive director said, "Our founder, Jella Lepman, believed that books could build bridges of understanding and peace between people... These children have no such belief any more."

As long as the Israeli assault continues, tragedies like this will become more common. UPA is on the ground providing emergency relief to those who have been displaced, injured or otherwise deprived.

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