Transforming lives, empowering communities since 1978

Dr. Shehadeh “Shawki” Khalil Harb

Based: Utah, United States

Degrees: American Friends School; University of Heidelberg, Germany (Bachelor's and MD)

One of Dr. Harb’s many accolades include performing open-heart surgery at the governmental hospital in Ramallah while under occupation in 1987. He did this with a small staff of two nurses and a resident doctor because there was no other medical staff. This hospital was raided by Israeli soldiers a few times where those same soldiers used Dr. Harb as a human shield. Eventually Dr. Harb chose to leave Ramallah for the United States to continue his humanitarian medical work. He currently sits on the Palestine Diabetes Institute Committee as part of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Fund. He recently retired from the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital after a decade of serving as their surgeon.