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Children's Fund Quarterly Report - October-December 2015

Children's Fund Quarterly Report
The UPA Children's Fund touches the lives of hundreds of Palestinian children each quarter of the year. UPA partners with local non-profit organizations specializing in children's education and health. They are dedicated to fostering the potential among Palestine's most vulnerable communities, with a special focus on the impoverished, disabled and orphaned. During the previous quarter, UPA awarded the following grants:

Ma'an Development Center (Ma'an)

Last quarter, UPA supported Ma'an Development Center, a long time UPA partner, provide impoverished communities at the Nweimeh and Al-Auja schools in the Jordan valley with backpacks, stationary and other school suppplies. Located in Area C, these schools are underserved and lack funds to equip their students with the most basic needs necessary for a normal learning environment."

This project also provided teachers with necessary educational tools and audio-visual aids. Such grants provided by UPA through your support helped lessen the burden on a student population suffering from a financially stricken school system in one of the most vulnerable areas of the West Bank.

Palestinian Health Care Committee (PHCC)

The committee in Nablus aims to detect anemic children due to malnutrition. Most recently through a grant from UPA, PHCC's services reached the city of Hebron by use of a mobile clinic. The distance between Nablus and Hebron is 50 miles; however, the travel time by car could be anywhere between 3 to 5 hours depending on checkpoints, closures and other unforeseen challenges typical of life under occupation.

The project targeted children in some of the most impoverished areas in Hebron. Another component of this project included education on the importance of a balanced diet for mothers, especially those who are expecting. The project reached 1,000 mothers in the region. The project exposed participants to some of the basic causes of anemia such as malnutrition and appetite disturbance. Through this awareness campaign early detection is promoted and the children stand a better chance of recovery.

The Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts

Located in Beirut, Lebanon, the center works to improve the psycho-social well-being of Palestinian refugee children living in the local camps. By providing workshops that promote creativity, ARCPA aims to encourage free self-expression in a child friendly environment. They include writing, music, art and other creative activities. The influx of Syrian refugees has added to the burden of already drained resources available to schools and camps. By expanding its reach through such workshops ARCPA feels it can serve a greater number of children.

On November 12th, 2015, Burj El-Barajneh, located in the southern part of Beirut, was attacked by two suicide bombers. "Those attacks postponed many of ARCPA's workshops but did not disrupt any project from being completed on time," a representative of the ARCPA said. They are committed to function under the most severe circumstances and UPA's support of such children's programs, through your generosity, will continue.

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