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Children's Fund Quarterly Report - April to June 2014

Children's Fund Quarterly Report

The UPA Children's Fund touches the lives of hundreds of Palestinian children each quarter of the year. UPA partners with local non-profit organizations specialized in children's education and health. They are dedicated to fostering the potential among Palestine's most vulnerable communities, with a special focus on the impoverished, disabled and orphaned.

During the second quarter of 2014, UPA awarded the following grants:

Afaq Jadeeda Association
Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Gaza Strip 

In partnership with Association France Palestine Solidarité, UPA provided Afaq Jadeeda with educational and artistic materials for their summer camp. UPA supporter Susan Johnson visited Gaza in 2009 and collected drawings done by children during art therapy classes from Afaq Jadeeda and five other Gaza organizations following Operation Cast Lead. UPA has archived the drawings and prepared them for exhibition.

Al-Malath Charitable Society
Beit Sahour, West Bank

Al-Malath works to integrate youth with intellectual disabilities into Palestinian society and help them reach their full potential by improving their physical condition and teaching them new skills. With a grant from UPA this summer, Al-Malath provided the youth with activities such as music, theater, games and choir.

Alrowwad Cultural and Theatre Society
Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank 

Alrowwad works to promote human values and respect of human rights through arts and education. During the second quarter and with support from the Children's Fund, Alrowwad provided workshops for teachers and entertainment and extracurricular educational activities for children through their "play bus."

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children
Gaza City, Gaza Strip

Atfaluna works to improve the quality of life of deaf and hearing impaired children in the Gaza Strip. Because of the high rate of unemployment, most families of deaf children cannot afford the tuition to send their children to centers like Atfaluna. The Children's Fund provided 30 students with free transportation to and from the center every day, medical screening and medications.

Yes Theatre for Communication Among Youth
Hebron, West Bank

The Yes Theatre works to motivate, develop and promote the potential of children and youth in an innovative and creative way through artistic performances, drama workshops and cultural exchange activities. With the help of a UPA grant, the Yes Theatre provided workshops on drama and improvisation for students, culminating in three performances at the end of the quarter.

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