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Children's Fund Quarterly Report - April-June 2015

Children's Fund Quarterly Report
The UPA Children's Fund touches the lives of hundreds of Palestinian children each quarter of the year. UPA partners with local non-profit organizations specializing in children's education and health. They are dedicated to fostering the potential among Palestine's most vulnerable communities, with a special focus on the impoverished, disabled and orphaned. During the previous quarter, UPA awarded the following grants:

Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts (Shatila, Mar Elias and Burj El-Barajneh Refugee Camps, Lebanon)

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have seen the already scarce support from NGOs dwindle since the influx of refugees from the conflict in Syria, creating anger and tension. With a grant from the Children's Fund, the Arab Resource Center provided 42 Palestinian refugee children aged between 7 and 14 with psychosocial support activities that enhance their well-being and help them "discover their inner creative souls."

The children, 33 girls and 9 boys, participated in four workshops: two on mask-making, one on creating storyboards and one on Arabic music and heritage. The workshops helped children interact with each other, interact with their environment and respond creatively and constructively to the problems they face.

Community Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled - Gaza Camp (Jerash, Jordan)

UPA has partnered with the Community Rehabilitation Center to improve its sustainability and quality of service for the disabled living in and around Gaza Camp.

To raise community awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities, with a focus on women with disabilities, the Center held a six-day summer camp in June with a grant from UPA. Participants included fifty children with a disability, fifty without a disability and twenty volunteer supervisors.

Save Youth Future Society (Gaza City, Gaza Strip)

In the economically strangled Gaza Strip, Save Youth Future Society has sought to improve the food security of children still displaced by the war last summer. With a grant from UPA, they distributed food parcels to 70 families in which the breadwinner had been injured or killed.

Each parcel included items purchased on the local market, including flour, sugar, rice, olive oil, beans, lentils, milk powder, jam, canned meat and tuna, hummus, cheese and tomato sauce.

The total child beneficiaries reached by the project were 118 girls and 150 boys.

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