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Appeal for Kidney Dialysis Center in Lebanon

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"I am glad and we are all blessed and grateful that there are some people who are really taking care of us and want our wellbeing. Without this centre we will be dead as no support for dialysis is available for us for free. By expanding on the centre and making it clean our spirits will be high. We are very proud. I have been in this centre for 11 years and it is my home and since that time it has not been renovated."
--Mrs. Itaf al Saadi (pictured above)

Renovation of the Kidney Dialysis Center at Al Hamshari Red Crescent Society Hospital provides life-saving treatment in south Lebanon where 80% of the most extremely impoverished Palestinian refugees reside.

The Health Care Society offers free kidney dialysis at Al-Hamshari Hospital in Saida, south Lebanon. Al-Hamshari is one of five hospitals operated in Lebanon by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRSC). Created in 1969, PRCS serves registered and unregistered refugees as well as impoverished Lebanese citizens through hospitals, primary health care centers, and other programs.

Currently operating beyond capacity and in deteriorated facilities, the medical staff and dialysis units work overtime to provide approximately 680 patients more than 7,000 treatment sessions annually.

Recently, services have expanded even further to meet the health needs of Palestinian refugees from Syria and residents of Nahr el Bared Camp in northern Lebanon where emergency dialysis funds have run dry.

UPA funded renovation began in April 2013. Rusted pipes, water leakage, and an asbestos ceiling were among the infrastructure needs addressed in preparation for construction of a new Reverse Osmosis room. Renovation is partially complete; a new ceiling and water pipes have been installed. In-kind donations for new dialysis chairs and equipment have arrived.

Working together with your help, a fully operational and hygienic Dialysis Center will become a reality for the Palestinian community in Lebanon.


It is expected that the number of patients served will increase to over 800 per year and that the facility will be brought up to acceptable health standards. Patients are looking forward to a cleaner and healthier facility. The wider community benefits, as well, with more patients leading active lives and contributing to their society.

Partner Profile

The Health Care Society is a non-profit organization, established in 1995.

  • Mission: Improve the health status of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
  • Vision: Human rights includes the right to access quality health services.
  • Services: Free kidney dialysis; subsidized hospital fees; free medicine & medical supplies; health awareness activities.

Newly renovated treatment room

November 2013